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These may not be necessarily funny, but observations I may have.

On gossip, lying and not keeping secrets.

I am the family genealogist. I also will do quick search for friends. My cousin Michael enjoys asking me to find his old girlfriends. He’s always thanks me. I wonder if he ever goes out with his former babes once he has their numbers.

There are always skeletons in the closet. We have a few. One is my great grandfather. He was orphaned by six months and raised by his aunt. I have done DNA on my great grandfather’s grandson, and nothing ever comes up, so I wonder if my grandfather’s father was not anyone we know. Who’s your daddy?

I have a cousin who had a baby out of wedlock, his mom told my sister, and she told me. I asked him if I could do DNA testing on him, but he wanted to protect his privacy. That’s great, but guess what? We know you had a kid, and we know where he lives and what he looks like.  There is no privacy.

That’s it for now. All this type makes me need a nap. And chocolate. And a real Coke.


Here’s a little TidBit About Me


Happy Bunny Crazy does even begin to cover it

I have bipolar I. That’s the fun kind. Some people think that bipolar is so much better than depression, that you are happy when you are manic. So not true! I become enraged, empowered, and dangerous, and then I get depressed. Right now, I’m kicking a**, and taking names. I am so mad I could spit bricks. So what set poor little Pattykins off today?

I had three things happen today, and that’s what set me off to write my last missive on here. 

1. The Big Guy failed to say a heart-felt goodbye to my daughter (his step) since we will be gone for 8 weeks. He loathes her, but he could fake it and tell her he’ll miss her. 

2. The stupid kid from next came over and asked how I wanted the yard mowed while we were in FL. WTF???  TBG sked his mother if she’d do it. She does their lawn. She has a lazy husband and she mows their yard every week.

She must have told Stupid Kid to do it. I asked Stupid Kid SIX timeis this summer to work for me and he blew me off. I kept waiting for him to come over, and he never did.  I was pretty surprised when he showed up today. I don’t think he expected my pissed off face. He never seemed interested in mowing the yard, but I guess his mom either told him he had to, or explained how much money he’d make every week. Short, little tyrant. He’ll get $15 for the lawn $10 for the apples, and $5 for weed whacking. I do it every week for free. 

3. My sister wrote me this nasty letter, where she basically said I was very wrong to mention on FB that I got food poisoning, because some people took it personally. How do you take vomit the wrong way??? It’s ok; I unfriended my entire family.

I’m actually feeling better. Nothing like two vents in two hours to cheer me up. 

Thanks for reading,




It’s Amazing I Survived My Childhood

DDT sprahing

I grew up on Army bases up and down the Eastern Seaboard, South Korea, and Germany. One of my fondest memories, is one of those things  WHAT SHOULD NEVER DO. The amazing thing is I did this with my parents’ blessing. Perhaps they were hoping the THIRD KID would vanish, like the eagles nearly did. 

When we lived in Norfolk, VA several times each summer, soldiers would drive down all of the streets on base and spray DDT fog from the Jeeps. They wore gas masks. You’d think this would get our parents thinking that perhaps this was not the world’s best idea. 

The stuff smelled great! When we ran in this thick bluish cloud of poisoned gas, you could hardly see your friends! We ran after the truck as far as we could, never thinking of what it might be doing to us.

My parents each smoked 3 packs of cigarettes a day, and I’ve lived this long, so I am not sure if the Jeeps of Death will affect me. I do know that in Korea I had this wonderful pet lab rat named Schroeder. They only fogged with DDT one time, and Schroeder died that night. That’s when I started thinking that perhaps running after pesticides wasn’t in my best interest. 

I don’t think they should bring DDT back, ever. It almost killed off the eagles. Unfortunately, ticks are resilient, and back in full force and so is Lyme disease, so we weren’t able to kill that off. The Ice Man is over 5,000 years old and he had Lyme disease. That was back before it was named after a town in CT, and before DDT.  I know we almost irradicated the planet, but I still look back fondly on the many times I nearly killed myself.

Did they do this in towns, or was this the Army’s way of getting rid of dependents? Let me know. 🙂

Remind me to tell the Patty Jumps Out of a Third Story Window tale. 

Practically Poisoned Patty