It’s Tuesday. Let’s Catch Up.


We’re still in Delaware and will be until Sunday. That’s fine with me; there’s so much to do, like pick up the apples, mow the lawn, stop the mail, and all those other fun things. I love mowing the lawn; I think about nothing for the entire time I mow.

Our living room is our staging area for the trip. Every tool we need is in there, including a set of metal saw horses. 

A musical recap: last week we saw The Beach Boys, and tonight we saw Jimmy Buffet. Jimmy Buffet’s concert had just a little more energy, but then again he’s 67, versus Mike Love’s 73. Great concerts! Jimmy Buffet’s concert had LOTS of beer. We wound up having a Weyerbacher Pumpkin Ale. If you like big beers, it’s very good. 

One little fact: even though technically I am NOT a Jersey girl, I lived in Monmouth County the longest I lived anywhere until I was over 30. I have seen Bruce Springsteen in concert 25 times. First  concert ever: Alice Cooper in Germany. Some guy offered me a joint, and I almost had a heart attack. I thought the Polizei were going to drag me away. Worst concert: Doobies. I love them, but I thought my ears would bleed. Too loud! Comment and let me know your first, best and worst concerts ever. I have so many favorite concerts, I’ll have to think of the best one.

I seem to be in remission with the rheumatoid arthritis. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. It does. It just means I don’t feel like digging my grave and crawling in it today. 

We drove to waaay up in New Jersey two days ago, and we are going back on Thursday. Ugh. TBG forgot the EZ pass, so we probably have at least $100 in tolls. Yay, it wasn’t me!

Sorry this was neither thrilling or funny. Just a regular week in beautiful Delaware. 






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