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Oh Lord, I’m Stuck In Old Clearwater Again!

Welcome to Clearwater

It’s 11:13, we’re here in Clearwater, and I am tired, sore and cranky. Sports cars seem to shrink in size the longer you sit in them. We also stopped at every Bealls from SC to FL, and filled the car up with more crap.The low point of the trip: getting a $200 ticket in Virginia for driving in a HOV lane. First of all, I had never heard of that acronym before. It means high occupancy vehicle. Someplace before Richmond, there were two lanes open with no trucks. We drove into them, thinking they were carpool lanes. When we saw flashing lights up ahead, we figured it was an accident. No, it was VA State Troopers ticketing out of state drivers for having less than three passengers. They have a law between 4:30 and 6:30 PM you need three passengers in the car to drive in the HOV lanes. No signs, nothing. I figured out that they were targeting out of staters because VA has front license plates. They let VA drivers with only 1 passenger in the cars whiz on by. They must figure they pay enough state tax. Not happy. 

The house looks great except for the houseplants I put outside. The guy who waters our plants must have thought watering the potted plants was optional, so he just let them die. 

We are registering the car tomorrow. Cars registered in  Florida have do not have to get inspected. Ever. I am sure there are a lot of cars (and ancient drivers) driving around that shouldn’t be on the road. 

I’ll be more amusing tomorrow after I rest up.