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The Car is Officially a Florida Ride!


Florida does not have yearly inspections. Ever. So, even if your car is 20 years old, has the wheezing exhaust of an 80 year old, it’s fine down here. I went into the tax collector’s office and all the clerk did was go out to my car and make sure the VIN matched with my title. In about 2 months I get my plate. I went with 5unny. Yes, that is a 5, but from a distance it does look like an S.

We own a mobile home park in a 40+ park. it’s really nice, but many people here are old and cranky. I am sure the average age is mid-70s. The residents seem to enjoy reporting us for various things. Now it’s parking in the street. No one is allowed to park in the street anymore. No way, no how. Even company has to park in your driveway. Sure, it makes the streets look nice, but really. I will comply; if I have too.

I am sure when I said mobile home park, people said really? I didn’t think Patty seemed trashy! It’s actually a very nice park and is just like a normal development accept for the fact they are mobile homes.

Last year, we made our neighbors cranky by painting our house aqua and coral. Maisie didn’t talk to us for a month! My house, my colors. It’s my party, and I can be obnoxious if I want to. The house colors are perfect for Florida.

That’s it for now. I am still tired from the trip.