I’ve Got a New Toy!!! Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

paper shredder

Ok, now that you’re head is out of the gutter, it doesn’t buzz, it hums.

It’s a paper shredder!!! Why the excitement? Last year, we came back from weeks in Florida only to find our garbage can was gone. It was the huge kind the garbage company gives you. Whoever stole it took around 3:00 because our neighbors’ dog barked. Unfortunately, our neighbor is timid, so she didn’t open her door.

The thieves stole the can and the contents. I am sure they were able to find lots of our personal information in there. We bought a new can from the garbage company for $75, and everything was OK until last week. This time they only took the contents of the can, not the entire can. There was one of those 10 foot pools, and all the accessories. I don’t think that’s what they were after, but they must have thrown it all in the van, and then put our trash can back. There was one bag of garbage in the can and that’s what they were after.

We had a shredder that TBG got from a fellow teacher years ago. Worked great.
TBG thinks our neighbors borrowed our shredder before they got their own, but they don’t remember, and I am pretty sure they have not looked for it.

I finally decided we needed our own. You have no idea how satisfying it was to grind things up! Note to self: thick envelopes, paper clips and staples are not good to shred. Luckily I attempted to shred in my neighbors’ industrial strength shredder.

We will use the paper shreds to start the fires in our fire pit and grill.

Here’s shredding at you, kid.


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