It’s Spa Time!

skinny dipper
We finally filled the spa 4 weeks before we drive down to FL. Better late than never. I skinny dip. The problem with skinny dipping is our next door neighbor, we’ll call him The Idiot.
We have a very well-treed yard along the fence line, so I don’t have to worry about those four houses in the summer. I just bundle up and make a mad dash for the spa, stripping off the robe just as I slip in. This has resulted in me falling in, robe and all about six times. The problem is in the winter because there’s less trees, and with a full moon I could be seen. I solve this by walking out with every light off even in the spa, and get in. This has resulted in me tripping over everything in our screened porch, including a 15 pound gargoyle named Clyde.
The Idiot sneaks in our yard at night. I know this because twice he’s come right up to our screened porch (17 feet in to our yard) and whispered, “Hi Patty”. I told his wife he was an idiot and a freak.
Today we are hanging curtains so that Mr. Peepers can’t peep. If he comes all the way into the backyard, I’m getting a bb gun!

Sneaky Patty

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