Yes, Your Children Are Annoying

It’s Tuesday, and this is Brunswick, GA. We are on our way back to Delaware after a very fast trip to Florida to drop off one of our cars. Image

We went out tonight to a restaurant called the Mill Stone. It was delicious. I had filet mignon (very rare) and sweet potatoes, and The Big Guy had the same thing only he prefers his meat dried out and turned into leather. I don’t know how we ended up together.

We were in a booth, and there was a family with two kids behind TBG. They must have finished eating because the woman was discussing what to have for dessert. 

The older kid was about 4. He popped his head up and started making explosion sounds on seat back right behind TBG’s head. Over.and.over.again.

When they finally left, the dad asked me if the kids had been annoying us. I said, “No, my husband enjoys Civil War enactments right behind his head”. I’m sorry, I’m grumpy, we drove too far. Don’t ask me about your kid. 

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